The Tennis Academy

An other view on Tennis

I promise you will get a new ,modern view on tennis. We will tell you things you have never heard before.... but you were always looking for.

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It´s Easy

Since years, you hear time and time again the same things from your coach? You spend a lot of time and money and you see no progress?

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En détail

We will show you the "little" details bringing you forward. We are sure, for every question you have, you will get an "en détail" answer!

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Time to rethink

Welcome on our page.
We are looking forward teaching you things in our Tennis Academy you never heard.
You will love how easy it is to play Tennis from another point of view.

Have a great time with us

Uwe P. Tesch

Have you never asked yourself why you always hear the same terms, phrases and words in Tennis?
Do you agree, that doing always the same things with old concepts can´t bring you forward.
Time to rethink – Time for 3AA
Have fun